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SLD-uCS-series Ultra Compact Broadband Light Source Modules

SLD-uCS-series Ultra Compact Broadband Light Source Modules

Product description

SLD-uCS-series Ultra Compact Broadband Light Source Modules are wide spectrum SM- or PM-fiber coupled light source modules for applications requiring a reliable, powerful, stable and low-noise SLD light source with a wide and flat spectrum and a short coherence length. A high-precision current and temperature controller powers the SLD module inside the light source. The SLD output can be modulated (ON/OFF) at the rate of up to 10 kHz.

The SLD-uCS is a miniaturized version of the SLD-mCS with half the footprint. The new modules require the same 9-30 V DC supply voltages and allow the use of switched-mode power supplies. They have the same I/O interface and controls and the same connections (pinouts and connectors' P/Ns), thus allowing easy replacement of SLD-mCS light sources in applications were the system size becomes of critical importance. Similar to SLD-mCS, SLD-uCS light sources have a fiber pigtail for light output, terminated by an FC/APC connector.

SLD-uCS devices can be built using any SLD of Superlum provided its drive current is less than 300 mA and SLD chip power consumption does not exceed 0.7 W.


  • Compact design, 60 x 79-mm footprint, 24-mm height
  • SLD drive current of up to 300 mA
  • Wide range of supply voltage levels (9 – 30 V DC)
  • External or internal control of SLD power
  • Automatic Current Control (ACC) mode
  • Automatic Power Control (APC) mode
  • 10 kHz modulation (ON/OFF)
  • 0…+50 °C operating temperature range(1)
  • High stability, low noise

(1) Available in extended temperature ranges


When ordering an SLD-uCS light source, it is only necessary to add "uCS" after "SLD" in the model number of the SLD module required, unless otherwise specified. For example:

  • SLD-uCS-371-HP2-SM – SLD-uCS light source with a standard SLD-371-HP2-SM module inside, fiber pigtail output
  • SLD-uCS-381-HP1-PM – SLD-uCS light source with a standard SLD-381-HP1-PM module inside, fiber pigtail output, slow axis PMF alignment

Special offer now available for SLD-uCS-371-HP1-SM and SLD-uCS-371-HP2-SM.

Technical Documentation

Download Technical Product Specification in PDF format (310 KB)PDF (310 KB).
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