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SLD-mCS/sCS-series Miniature Broadband Light Source Modules

SLD-mCS/sCS-series Miniature Broadband Light Source Modules

Product description

SLD-mCS/sCS-series Miniature Broadband Light Source Modules are wide spectrum SM- or PM-fiber coupled light source modules for applications requiring a reliable, powerful, stable and low-noise SLD light source with a wide and flat spectrum and a short coherence length. A high-precision current and temperature controller powers the SLD module inside the light source. The SLD can be modulated (ON/OFF) at up to 50 kHz in both SLD-mCS and SLD-sCS light source modules.

SLD-mCS/sCS devices substitute SLD-MS light sources providing better stability, higher efficiency, wider operation range and lower noise. They can be built using any SUPERLUM SLD if its drive current is less than 400 mA. They may be powered by a wide range of supply voltages, from 9 V to 30 V DC, and allow the use of switched-mode DC power supplies.

The SLD-mCS is the same as the SLD-MS light source (80 × 110 × 26 mm). All connections are the same, too. However, since a very high-power SLD may be integrated into the SLD-mCS light source, the SLD light output does not switch on automatically when power is applied to the power connector (9-30 V DC input). Now to switch the emission on, a +5 V TTL signal must be applied to the appropriate pin of the "LOGIC" connector. Similar to SLD-MS, SLD-mCS light sources have a fiber pigtail for light output, terminated by an FC/APC connector.

The SLD-sCS has a little bigger chassis (95 × 155 × 29 mm). This allows to add (on request) additional internal protection and laser safety measures, such as optical power overshoot protection, and others. The SLD-sCS has an FC/APC mating sleeve. An FC/APC to FC/APC 1-meter-long 0.9-mm buffered fiber cable is enclosed to the SLD-sCS. Additional small-size fiber-optic components can be integrated into SLD-sCS on request.


  • Compact design
  • Up to 400 mA SLD drive current, good for almost any SLD of Superlum
  • Wide range of supply voltage levels (9 – 30 V DC)
  • External or internal control of SLD power
  • Automatic Current Control (ACC) mode
  • Automatic Power Control (APC) mode
  • 50 kHz modulation (ON/OFF)
  • 0…+50 °C operating temperature range (can be extended to -40…+85 °C)
  • High stability, low noise


When ordering an SLD-mCS light source, it is only necessary to add "mCS" or "sCS" after "SLD" in the model number of the SLD module required, unless otherwise specified. For example:

  • SLD-mCS-371-HP2-SM – SLD-mCS light source with a standard SLD-371-HP2-SM module inside, fiber pigtail output
  • SLD-mCS-381-HP1-PM – SLD-mCS light source with a standard SLD-381-HP1-PM module inside, fiber pigtail output, slow axis PMF alignment
  • SLD-sCS-331-HP1-SM – SLD-sCS light source with a standard SLD-331-HP1-SM module inside, FC/APC socket

Special offer now available for SLD-mCS-371-HP1-SM and SLD-mCS-371-HP2-SM.

Technical Documentation

Download Technical Product Specification in PDF format (278 KB)PDF (278 KB).
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