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Products --> Broadband Light Sources --> cBLMD-series Compact Broadband Light Source Modules for OEM Applications

cBLMD-series Compact Broadband Light Source Modules for OEM Applications

cBLMD-series Compact Broadband Light Source Modules for OEM Applications

Product description

cBLMD-series Broadband Light Source Modules are compact, powerful and very wide spectrum light sources for high resolution OCT and other applications. Standard sources are based on a combination of two (-D) or three (-T) SLDs with different center wavelengths. The design of integrated SLD current and temperature controllers ensure excellent operation stability. In cBLMD-D and cBLMD-T devices, the operating parameters of each SLD are pre-set in order to achieve the best combination of spectrum width and output power. Standard models have FC/APC mating sleeve. cBLMD modules are available with internal optical isolators and without them. For models without isolators, optical feedback should not exceed -30 dB. If the optical feedback level is supposed to be higher, consult with a Superlum representative before placing an order.

For customers looking for the most broadband and cost effective solutions, we recommend to pay special attention to our UBB-series devices (ultra-broadband) which are characterized by a 6-dB spectrum width instead of a 3-dB spectrum width used for all other light sources. Although the spectral flatness may be up to 4 dB in UBB-series light sources, they can be successfully used in a large number of applications including Ultra High Resolution Spectral Domain OCT. The design goal was to cover the widest possible spectral range by the minimum number of SLDs combined. In particular, the cBLMD-D-890-UBB-HP contains only two SLDs which, when combined, provide a 6-dB bandwidth of 190 nm.

Starting 2017, the second generation of cBLMD devices is offered. Every new generation of cBLMD is backward-compatible with the previous generation.

cBLMD design is also recommended for a single-SLD based light source modules if an SLD drive current of up to 600 mA (of up to 900 mA in custom models) is required, or digital control of the SLD is desirable.


  • Very wide emission spectra
  • High optical power
  • Compact design (dimensions of 190 × 110 × 31 mm)
  • Optically isolated models available
  • +12 V DC supply
  • USB virtual serial port and TTL control
  • Companion software with graphical user interface for remote control from a PC/Laptop allowing to change the SLD parameters
  • Excellent stability
  • Low noise
  • Optional optical output overshoot protection with an inline optical power monitor—contact Superlum for more details
  • Optional internal Variable Optical Attenuators—contact Superlum for more details

New Feature—Spectral Control Tool

Since 2017, starting with the second-generation cBLMD devices, a new feature, Spectral Control Tool, has been added to cBLMD light source companion software. This tool can be used to adjust the optical spectrum of the cBLMD light source to meet customer-specific application requirements. Changing the spectrum of a 3-SLD model is shown in the figure below (for more details, please refer to Technical Product SpecificationPDF (251 KB)).

Changing the spectrum of a 3-SLD model with Spectral Control Tool
Changing the spectrum of a 3-SLD model with Spectral Control Tool. Red line - factory settings (all spectral density peaks of the 3 SLDs are equal). Blue line - the SLD1 and SLD2 power levels are set to 60% and 30%, respectively; SLD3 power level remains at factory settings.

Optical characteristics of standard models

Main optical parameters of standard cBLMD light source modules are presented in the table below. Standard cBLMD broadband light sources may have 2 or 3 SLDs inside. Models containing 2 SLDs are titled as cBLMD-D. Models containing 3 SLDs are titled as cBLMD-T. An "-I" suffix to a model number indicates that the model contains an optical isolator. The optical spectrum and the coherence function can be viewed as a web page (HTML) or downloaded in PDF format.

bell-shaped spectrum – bell-shaped spectrum, multi-humped spectrum – multi-humped spectrum.

Model number Center wavelength (nm) Spectral width, FWHM (nm) Output power, SM (mW) Optical spectrum and coherence function
Min. Typ. Min. Typ.
2-SLD models
cBLMD-D-840-HP-I 840 ± 10 90 100 9.0 10.0  multi-humped spectrum HTML | PDF (46 KB)
cBLMD-D-860-G-HP2 860 ± 10 60 70 15.0 20.0  bell-shaped spectrum HTML | PDF (41 KB)
cBLMD-D-860-G-HP2-I 860 ± 10 60 70 10.0 12.0  bell-shaped spectrum HTML | PDF (39 KB)
cBLMD-D-880-HP-I 880 ± 10 95 100 6.0 7.0  multi-humped spectrum HTML | PDF (48 KB)
cBLMD-D-890-HP1 890 ± 10 140 150 5.0 6.0  multi-humped spectrum HTML | PDF (45 KB)
cBLMD-D-890-UBB-HP 890 ± 10 180 (6 dB) 190 (6 dB) 8.0 10.0  multi-humped spectrum HTML | PDF (37 KB)
3-SLD models
cBLMD-T-850-MP 850 ± 10 155 165 5.0 6.0  multi-humped spectrum HTML | PDF (55 KB)
cBLMD-T-850-HP 850 ± 10 155 165 12.0 15.0  multi-humped spectrum HTML | PDF (47 KB)
Special offer.
850 ± 10 155 165 8.0 10.0  multi-humped spectrum HTML | PDF (43 KB)
cBLMD-T-860-HP 860 ± 10 125 135 12.0 15.0  multi-humped spectrum HTML | PDF (52 KB)
cBLMD-T-860-HP-I 860 ± 10 125 135 8.0 10.0  multi-humped spectrum HTML | PDF (52 KB)
cBLMD-T-870-HP 875 ± 10 170 180 6.0 8.0  multi-humped spectrum HTML | PDF (52 KB)

Physical Specifications

  • Housing dimensions (W × D × H): 190 × 110 × 31 mm (7.48 × 4.33 × 1.22 inches).
  • Weight: 950 g.

Electrical Power Specifications

  • +12 V DC, 2.5 A (max).

Technical Documentation

Download Technical Product Specification in PDF format (251 KB)PDF (251 KB).

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