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Compact Wavelength-Swept Tunable Semiconductor Lasers for OEM Applications


  • Akinetic design of the wavelength-selective element
  • Excellent tolerance of wavelength settings
  • Excellent sweep‐to‐sweep reproducibility of the output wavelength
  • Linear and smooth wavelength tuning at any sweep rate in any wavelength direction
The OEM Broadsweeper, tunable, wavelength-swept laser

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  • Compact and robust design suitable for OEM applications
  • Akinetic design of the wavelength-selective element
  • Three spectral bands of operation with center wavelengths at 790 nm, 840 nm, and 930 nm
  • Extremely wide tuning range: up to 115 nm for 930-nm model
  • k-linear wavelength tuning capability for all models
  • High absolute accuracy of the wavelength setting
  • Excellent stability and high sweep-to-sweep reproducibility of the operating wavelength
  • Power boosting by a standalone, plug-and-play optical power booster
  • USB virtual serial port for computer control
  • Remote control by TTL-compatible pulses
  • The Superlum companion software for computer control
  • Product customization capabilities

Standard Models Available for Ordering

Depending on the spectral band and sweep speed, there are several models of the product to choose. Refer to the table below for the standard versions of the product.

Model Tuning Range (nm) Output Power (mW) Sweep Speed (nm/s) Linewidth (nm)
770 – 825 nm Spectral Range
BS-790-1-OEM 55 3 1 – 10,000 0.05
BS-790-1-OEM with booster 55 20 1 – 10,000 0.05
805 – 880 nm Spectral Range
BS-840-1-OEM 75 3 1 – 10,000 0.05
BS-840-1-OEM with booster 75 20 1 – 10,000 0.05
880 – 995 nm Spectral Range
BS-930-1-OEM 115 3 1 – 10,000 0.05
BS-930-1-OEM with booster* 115 20 1 – 10,000 0.05

The complete information about optical power boosters is available here.

Technical Overview

The OEM Broadsweeper, tunable, wavelength-swept laser
The OEM Broadsweeper, tunable, wavelength-swept laser.

The OEM series of Broadsweepers is a new generation of Superlum's tunable and swept light sources centered at 790 nm, 840 nm and 930 nm that are intended for OEM applications.

The optical scheme of the OEM Broadsweeper is based on an external fiber-optic cavity and a broadband Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA), working as a gain medium. The wide bandwidth of the SOA modules used, and their high fiber-to-fiber gain allow wavelength tuning of more than 50 nm at 3 mW of output power. This power level can be raised to 20 mW with an additional power booster which is also available.

Specially developed narrow-band Acousto-Optical Tunable Filter (AOTF) is used for wavelength tuning. All other components comprising the laser cavity are perfectly fitted for broadband spectral applications. Aberration-free aspherical lenses are used for maximizing the coupling efficiency to optical fiber and minimizing the insertion losses of the AOTF unit over the entire tuning range. The filter and its optics are all packaged into one monolithic metal housing ensuring reliable day-to-day operation without misalignment. Design of the cavity is "akinteic" with no moving parts inside. The AOTF is actively temperature controlled for high wavelength stability and accuracy.

Informational Labels about Laser Hazard
External Cavity of the Broadsweeper-OEM laser. Simplified schematic (PMF – Polarization Maintaining Fiber, SOA – Semiconductor Optical Amplifier).

The external cavity of the laser uses a PANDA-type polarization maintaining (PM) fiber. This ensures a well-defined state of polarization and its high stability in time and over the tuning range. Most of fiber-optic components are built by using of the fast-axis-blocking technology that also guarantees high values of the PER (> 15 dB) at the laser output.

The driving electronics ensures precise, reliable and safe control of the instrument in all modes of operation. It provides all the necessary laser diode protective measures such as on-off transients' suppression, over-temperature protection, open-circuit protection and the laser current limitation by a pre-set safe value. Specially developed fast optical power control loop allows a flat-top-shaped tuning characteristic (with overall decline not exceeding 1.2 dB) in all models at all tuning speeds specified. AO cell is thermally controlled with a tolerance of better than 0.2 °C.

All OEM Broadsweepers provide:

  • k-linear wavelength sweeping over the entire tuning range (or in a band of interest)
  • high absolute accuracy of a wavelength setting over the entire tuning range in all operating modes including the wavelength sweeping mode
  • high stability of the wavelength selected
  • high sweep-to-sweep reproducibility of the operating wavelength

The linewidth of the laser emission remains around 0.05 nm over the full tuning range (FTR) and is not affected by the sweep rate, which can be varied between 1 nm/s and 10000 nm/s.

The output optical power of the Broadsweepers without internal boosters is 3 mW. It is boosted to 20 mW in the devices with internal optical boosting units.

The following operating modes are available with any standard OEM Broadsweeper:

  • Static mode: In this mode, the device operates at any fixed wavelength selected within the FTR (a CW laser diode mode).
  • Internal triggering mode: In this mode, the sweep cycle at a pre-set tuning speed (within the tuning speeds specified) is internally initiated. The sweeping range (SR) is selectable within the limits: 5 nm ≤ SR ≤ FTR. The internally-generated synch pulses are accessible via the Remote Control port.
  • External triggering mode: In this mode, the sweep cycle at a pre-set tuning speed (within the tuning speeds specified) is internally initiated. The externally-generated synch pulses must be applied to the Remote Control port. The sweeping range (SR) is selectable within the limits: 5 nm ≤ SR ≤ FTR. The device is triggered either by the logical level of a trigger signal (default setting) or by the edge of the signal. The mode of triggering can be changed using the Superlum companion software.
  • Single sweep mode: In this mode, a single sweep cycle is initiated each time either by a PC command or by the Superlum companion software which emulates a "pushbutton" on a PC display. Synch pulses generated by the instrument are accessible via the Remote Control port.

The instrument can be locally operated using the top-cover push button. Pushing this button allows enabling or disabling the laser output only. The device must be remotely pre-configured to the desired parameters before being locally operated.

A set of the OEM tunable laser and optical power booster
A set of the OEM tunable laser and optical power booster.

The optical power of the Broadsweeper-OEM laser, which is typically 3 mW, can be increased up to 20 mW with an optional OEM optical power booster perfectly fitted to the laser's FTR. Superlum offers a wide selection of OEM power boosters for the Broadsweeper-OEM series. OEM boosters are compact, easy-to-use, plug-and-play units (110 × 31 × 190 mm [W × H × D]) requiring no adjustments during the lifetime.

Due to the same footprint, the OEM tunable lasers and the boosters can be stacked one on top of the other provided that sufficient ventilation is ensured.

Both the tunable laser and the power booster can be firmly fixed to a metal bench (or a flat deck) through the mounting holes in the devices' housings.

Narrow-key FC/APC connectors and mating sleeves are used for all optical connections to the swept-laser and optical booster. All cables required for quick start and operation are shipped with the devices.

Remote Control Capability

Each laser of the Broadsweeper-OEM series is equipped with a USB virtual serial port for setting performance parameters and remote control from an external PC.

With Superlum's companion software, which is supplied with the instrument, the most important parameters of the device become accessible for control and modification. Using this software, you get access to:

  • Enabling and disabling the laser's output
  • Selecting a required mode of operation
  • Modifying the instrument parameters including wavelength limits of the tuning range, tuning rate, etc.
  • Saving any modifications in the non-volatile memory of the device
  • Verifying the device's performance parameters using the self-test feature

For twenty-four-hour-a-day applications, there may be a need to have the instrument periodically checked to make sure the device is in good operational conditions. To make this procedure as easy as possible, Superlum offers the self-test function as a part of the Superlum companion software. The self-test queries all performance parameters required for the device performance evaluation. The entire process takes only a few seconds to complete. Following this, a list with up-to-date readings of the operational parameters is generated. It is recommended sending the list to Superlum for proper interpretation of the obtained data.

There is another way to control the Broadsweeper remotely which is relied on external TTL pulses applied to the Remote Control port on the back side of the instrument. The device accepts TTL-compatible pulses (3 – 5 V max.).

Laser Safety Measures

The offered line of optical products includes the units emitting light at power levels of 3 mW / 20 mW (laser / booster) in the near-infrared spectral range, which is invisible by a human eye. Basing on the values of optical power and the spectral ranges, these light sources can be classified as Class 3R / 3B laser products (as per IEC 60825-1 Ed. 3 2014-05). These sources are intended for integration into the end-user's equipment. These devices do not have the necessary protective features (such as remote interlock, key operated master control, warning signals, etc.) required by the Laser Safety standards applicable. Although some of the features are possible under computer control using the Superlum companion software. It is the end-user's liability to provide the complete list of the necessary laser safety measures in their systems where the Superlum light sources are going to be used. Superlum cannot be made liable for any injury related with the lack of the required laser safety measures in Superlum's OEM Broadsweepers.

General Specifications

Power Requirements: +12 VDC / 1.5 A (tunable laser)
+12 VDC / 1 A (power booster)
Power Consumption: 18 W (tunable laser)
12 W (power booster)
Operating Temperature: +15 °C to + 35 °C
Storage Temperature: 0 °C to +40 °C
Outline Dimensions (W × H × D): 110 × 41 × 190 mm (tunable laser)
110 × 31 × 190 mm (power booster)
Weight: 1.5 kg (tunable laser)
1.0 kg (power booster)

Product Customization Capabilities

There are capabilities of product customization according to requirements in terms of the output power, the tuning wavelength range etc. Contact us with your particular technical requirements.

Technical Documentation

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