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Compact OEM Optical Power Boosters for Wavelength-Swept Tunable Semiconductor Lasers



  • Compact and robust design for OEM applications
  • Easy to install and use
  • Plug-and-play functionality
  • Three wavelength ranges centered at 790 nm, 840 nm, and 930 nm
  • Very wide optical gain bandwidth
  • 20-mW output power
  • USB virtual serial port for computer control
  • Remote control by TTL-compatible pulses
  • The Superlum companion software for computer control
  • Performance customization for particular needs

Technical Overview

The Superlum OEM optical power boosters are designed for boosting the output power of the Broadsweeper-OEM tunable wavelength-swept lasers of Superlum.

Optical power booster for the Broadsweeper-OEM
Optical power booster for the Broadsweeper-OEM.

The boosters are offered for wavelength ranges centered at 790 nm, 840 nm and 930 nm. Each device rises the power of the correspondent OEM Broadsweeper to 20 mW over the entire tuning range of the laser. The boosters and OEM Broadsweepers have the same footprints for stacking one on top of the other, if required.

The optical scheme of the booster (see the figure below) consists of a broadband semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) perfectly matched to the tuning range of the correspondent OEM Broadsweeper, a broadband fiber-optic isolator, optical power monitor (OPM) and several fiber cables for optical interconnections. All fiber-optic elements of the booster including internal and external optical cables use polarization maintaining (PM) PANDA fiber. The optical patch cables for external interconnections shipped with the device have high precision, FC/APC-terminated optical connectors for PM applications. They ensure reliable connectivity with low insertion loss.

Informational Labels about Laser Hazard
Basic optical elements of the optical power booster. Simplified schematic (PMF – Polarization Maintaining Fiber, ISO – Isolator, SOA – Semiconductor Optical Amplifier, OPM – Optical Power Monitor).

Each booster is a factory-preset unit not requiring any adjustments during its lifetime. It boosts the light from the OEM Broadsweeper automatically when the laser power is activated. The booster's output stays at zero until the input optical power is disabled (or less than 1 mW). The built-in automatic power control of the SOA-module relied on the in-line OPM (see the scheme above) stabilizes the output power at 20 mW when the input power is activated and exceeds 1-mW level.

The instrument requires a power supply which will provide +12 VDC at 1 A. The device is shipped with all optical and electrical accessories for quick start and operation with the necessary OEM Broadsweeper. We recommend using a linear +12 VDC power supply to provide low noise at the optical output.

Laser Safety Measures

Optical power at the output of the OEM boosters is 20 mW. These light sources should be classified as Class 3B laser products (as per IEC 60825-1 Ed. 3 2014-05) and are therefore potentially dangerous to the human eye. They are specially designed for integration into customers' equipment. They do not have the necessary protective measures (such as remote interlock, key operated master control, warning signals etc.) required by the correspondent Laser Safety requirements, although some of them are possible under computer control using the Superlum companion software. It is the end-user's liability to ensure the complete list of the necessary laser safety measures in their particular applications where these Superlum devices are going to be used. Superlum cannot be made liable for any injury related to the lack of the required laser safety measures and other safety measures applicable in any particular location or application.

Standard Models Available for Ordering

Parameter Units Model
BB-790-HP-OEM BB-840-HP-OEM BB-930-HP-OEM*
Center wavelength nm 790 840 930
Optical 3 dB bandwidth nm 55 75 115
Input power mW 3 3 3
Output power mW 20 20 20
PER dB > 18 dB > 18 dB > 18 dB
Fiber type   PANDA PM 850 PANDA PM 850 PANDA PM 850
Working fiber axis   Slow Slow Slow

General Specifications

Power Requirements: +12 VDC / 1 A
Power Consumption: 12 W (max.)
Operating Temperature: +15 °C to + 35 °C
Storage Temperature: 0 °C to +40 °C
Outline Dimensions (W × H × D): 110 × 31 × 190 mm
Weight: 1.0 kg

Product Customization Capabilities

Superlum offers customization of several product quantities including the output power, wavelength limits of the spectral range, etc. Contact us with your particular requirements.

Technical Documentation

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